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Products for sale


Our farm store hours can be found here. Please note that the farm store is closed on Sundays.

*We only accept cash or checks at this time. Thank you!

** The office is closed Saturday & Sunday.


  • Certified organic asparagus 
  • Certified organic gold "Satina" seed potatoes for planting (available in 4/5 bushel boxes for $.50/lb. Each box will cost approximately $15, call or email us to order some)
  • Certified organic gold potatoes
  • Certified organic beets
  • Certified organic carrots
  • Certified organic cabbage
  • Certified organic leeks
  • Certified organic green onions
  • Certified organic young garlic
  • Transitional flash frozen Valencia orange juice **
  • Flash frozen red grapefruit juice from our organic grapefruit **
  • Certified organic Valencia oranges **(on sale this week!) 
  • Low spray golden delicious apples from Dan Tower's
  • Low spray ambrosia apples from Dan Tower's
  • Low spray Jona gold apples from Dan Tower's
  • Low spray Ida red apples from Dan Tower's
  • Low spray Crispin apples from Dan Tower's


  • Certified organic soft wheat flour
  • Certified organic hard wheat flour
  • Certified organic whole wheat bread flour
  • Certified organic spelt flour
  • Certified organic pastry flour
  • Certified organic rye flour
  • Certified organic rolled oats
  • Certified organic cane sugar  
  • Redmond salt                                              


  • Organically fed beef: ground beef, ground beef patties, stew meat, butcher steak, Delmonico steak, t-bone steak, porterhouse steak, sirloin steak, chuck roast, arm roast, pot roast, rump roast, round roast, rolled roast, sirloin tip roast, short ribs, cube steak, heart, tongue, liver & bones. ** Any roast $1.75 off per lb. with purchase of potatoes & carrots.
  • Organically fed pork: Breakfast sausage (bulk), Italian sausage (link & bulk), Polish sausage (bulk & links), shoulder roasts, loin roasts, chops, ribs, bacon, smoked ham, smoked ham steaks, smoked pigs feet, neck bones, pork skin, liver & lard.
  • Organically fed whole chicken (On sale for $4.00/lb)


  • Freshly brewed coffee ($ .50 off with a baked good and coffee purchase)
  • Certified organic raw hulled sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds & raw almonds
  • Certified organic, fair trade coffee from Tierra Farms -  Papa New Guinea, Peruvian, Blonde roast, Breakfast blend, Ethiopain, Tierra decaf blend & 3 Region blend.
  • Raw, local honey
  • Maple syrup, maple sugar & maple cream
  • Certified organic, free range eggs from our hens
  • Skin care products such as lip balms & salves
  • Freshly made granola made with primarily organic ingredients - orange blossom, honey with figs & maple , coconut with cherries.
  • A variety of baked goods daily, all made with primarily organic ingredients. E-mail abigailthorpe@ymail.com if you'd like to place an order for gluten free/vegan baked goods.


    ** From our citrus grove in Florida



Products for saleMay 16th, 2017

   Our farm store hours can be found here. Please note that the farm store is closed on Sundays. *We only accept cash or checks at this time. Thank you! ** The office is closed Saturday &

Pie OrdersMay 16th, 2017

Our homemade pies are now available for pre-order! We make our pies using primarily organic ingredients, including butter, sugar, and flour. The fruit we use is either our own certified organic berrie

New fdpMay 9th, 2017

Asparagus is ready!

The prices are as follows: $3.60/lb., 2 lb. or more $3.40 for vegetable share members, $4.50/lb., 2 lb. or more $4.25 for everyone else. We'll have asparagus available in the store daily on a first come, first served basis. 

2017 Summer CSA

We are still accepting new members for our summer CSA shares! Click here for pricing and registration forms. Our brochure is available here.

End of Season Orange & Potato Sale

Our Valencia oranges "2nds" (fruit with blemishes/imperfections) are on sale at half the cost of our regular oranges & grapefruit. Stop by the store and pick some up before they're gone! Valencia oranges are reduced to $5.50/5#, $9/10#, 1/2 cs./$17 and a case/$31. Gold potatoes 5 lb./$5.50 and 10 lb./$10.25.

Certified organic potato seed for sale

We have our own organic seed potatoes available for sale for $.50/lb. The variety available is called "Satina" and produces a creamy potato with golden skin and flesh. Call or email us to place your order!

Pork & Beef Sale

Whole pig - $3.55 lb.  Pork sides - $3.60 lb. Beef sides - $4.25 lb. Beef quarters - $4.35 lb. Either call or email the office to place your order.