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Vegetable Share Info

Our family, for the 15th year, is offering certified organic vegetable shares as well as fruit shares. Individuals or families purchasing a vegetable share will receive a wide variety of certified organic vegetables, which will be picked for you fresh the day you pick them up. There will also be “pick your own” vegetables, which you can pick unlimited quantities of for your canning or freezing needs to stock up for winter.    

For pricing and vegetable share registration, please click here!    

We have two sizes of vegetable shares. “Small” shares are designed for 1 or 2 people, and the amount of produce you receive will be tailored to the size of the share. You may also pick all you need for canning and freezing of: tomatoes (full sized & cherry), peas and string beans. There will be no unlimited pre-picked vegetables for small shares.  

“Large” shares are designed for three or more people (over age 5). They will receive larger limited amounts of certain already picked produce and often unlimited amounts of plentiful ones, such as potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, summer squash, or any number of things which are yielding well on their pick-up day. They also get unlimited “pick your own” for canning & freezing of: tomatoes (full size & cherry), peas and string beans.

In any season, we have weather extremes that cause crop failures in some crops and surpluses in others. We do our best with whatever weather God gives us, planting, watering, weeding, praying and hoping. We cannot guarantee anything because there is so much we as humans cannot control, but we try our best to provide what we can.  

Advantages of Joining the OCSA

- You will get organic, vibrant vegetables fresh from our fields- not shipped in from other countries.

-You will be preserving our local economy, your personal finances, your health, and you will be keeping jobs in America.

- You can choose only what your family likes. We never force you to take produce you dislike.

- We try to give helpful recipes, especially on the more unusual types of produce.

- You should save money. Most years, at conventional “non-organic” super market prices, our members received 2 - 2 ½ times the dollar value they paid for produce shares alone. Organic super market produce would have cost even more and are not always fresh. This was not even figuring any dollar value for the pick your own produce.           

For a list of what our families got each week last year, click here. Bear in mind that each year is different,          with no year ever being without some challenges and surprises to keep us all on our toes. (Last year was some-what cooler and wetter than normal, but we were still blessed with a very abundant vegetable and berry crop.)

- By your commitment to us, you are helping to insure the fact that our farm will be here to provide certified organic food for your family in the future.

-Organically fed free-range chicken and organically fed pork will be available by special order, as well as organically fed holiday turkeys and organic baked goods. -This year, you will again have the option of purchasing organic grains. You may get them whole or freshly ground. (We will also have recipes available for these.) Flour is always more nutritious when ground fresh. We plan to have organic spelt, hard & soft wheat, corn, and rye.

-Also available will be organic raw cane sugar, Redmond natural salt, maple syrup, baked goods, and raw honey.              

More Vegetable Share Information            

Our asparagus is ready in May, but it is the only thing easily ready that early without trying to hurry nature. Therefore, we will not start CSA pick-ups until strawberries start in mid-June or so. An e-mail will be sent out right before we start the CSA, so keep an eye out after the 1st week of June. We should still have lots of organic asparagus in May which any vegetable share owner may order to purchase, and you will get a 20% asparagus discount (early season asparagus is not included in the cost of shares, but if we have any available when share pickups begin, we will include some in the first pick-up.) We will email you when we start picking it.         

Again this year, we will be growing flowers for you to cut a bouquet to take home and enjoy. Some will be decorative and some edible. We are increasing our flower varieties for even more color this year!          

Our organic citrus grove in Florida is doing well, so we are adding citrus juice to all fruit and vegetable shares. Citrus will be added to shares in June when there are not as many vegetables ready, to help make those early shares more plentiful. You’ll be able to make strawberry-orange smoothies and drink your own freshly squeezed orange juice to refresh yourself after a warm afternoon spent picking your own strawberries and peas.  

The last week of CSA will be 21 weeks following our start date in June, which will be e-mailed to you as soon as we know when strawberries will kick the season off. At last count, we are growing more than 229 varieties of 60+ different types of organic vegetables, which means that vegetable share members will receive a wide variety of options throughout the growing season.            

In order to spend the most time planting, weeding, and harvesting, we don’t have the extra time or equipment to process and wash everything. Most of your vegetables come as you would have harvested them yourself if you were growing them in your garden, so please always wash your vegetables before use.            

New or expanded for this year:

1. We plan to expand the organic seed and grain selections, such as dry beans, edible sunflowers, hull-less pumpkin seeds, and blue/indian corn varieties.

2. For family fun, we are planting "broom corn" and many kinds of gourds for decorations, crafts and bird houses.

3. Last year's medicinal tea and herb garden did not fare well due to the drought, so we are taking extra precautionary measures to ensure that the herb garden thrives this year!


Products for saleApril 13th, 2017

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2017 Summer CSA

Our summer CSA registration form is ready! Click here to see early bird discounts. Our brochure is available here.

Pork & Beef Sale

Whole pig - $3.55 lb.  Pork sides - $3.60 lb. Beef sides - $4.25 lb. Beef quarters - $4.35 lb. Either call or email the office to place your order.

End of Season Citrus & Potato Sale

Our organic grapefruit "2nds" & Valencia oranges "2nds" (fruit with blemishes/imperfections) are on sale at half the cost of our regular oranges & grapefruit. Stop by the store and pick some up before they're gone! 12 oz. bottles of orange juice are $2.25 ea., 5 for $2 and a case of 25 for $1.75 ea./$43.75. Valencia oranges are reduced to $5.50/5#, $9/10#, 1/2 cs./$17 and a case/$31. Gold potatoes 5 lb./$5.50 and 10 lb./$10.25.

Baked goods are back!

Our bakery is finally open again! We will have freshly baked, homemade treats available daily in our farm store. 

Certified organic potato seed for sale

We have our own organic seed potatoes available for sale for $.50/lb. The variety available is called "Satina" and produces a creamy potato with golden skin and flesh. Call or email us to place your order!

Sale on Cube Steak & Whole Chicken

We have a sale on cube steak this week, $.50 off per lb. Also, save $.50 per pound on whole chickens. Stop in to the store before they all disappear!